My Natural – Emotionally

A little over one year ago, January 17th, 2013 I was on the brink of death…
This was all due to the optimistic naivety of both myself and my husband along with the inconsiderate, misguided direction and flat out ignorance of my OB/GYN and his staff at that time. Just 4 days prior on January 14th we received the best and worse news of our life in the span of a 2 minute conversation.

You’re pregnant Mrs. Ramos and I’m sorry, but you’re having a miscarriage.”

At the time I was 36 years old and have never heard the words you’re pregnant nor had I seen that cute plus sign on a test that I’ve dreamed about.

Following that call it was a dramatic day of calling 911, ambulances and emergency rooms that ended with me being sent home with instructions to keep my legs elevated so the ectopic could “pass”. The morning of January 17th I was experiencing pain that registered 31 on a scale of 1-10. My skin was dull and grayish…it was obvious our baby was not “passing”, however I began to feel like I was. Boo took one look at me after waking to my groans and said “get your doctor on the phone” which I did. Per usual the receptionist had the personality of a lemon and proceeded to tell me I could come in the next day. All I can remember is feeling weak as I heard my husband’s voice say “lady you tell Dr H. we’ll be there in 20 minutes, goodbye.” Boo forced a few spoons of grits and eggs in me in an attempt to bring any sign of strength back to his wife. I honestly don’t even remember the ride…I only remember seeing red.

When we arrived I was placed on an exam table. The moment Doc touched me I jumped off that table like a wet cat from the pain. I watched the color leave his olive middle eastern skin as the camera showed him what he should have confirmed days earlier: our baby was weeks further along than he assumed and continued to grow in that blocked section of my right Fallopian tube. The doctor touched my hand and asked “have you eaten anything?” I told him about the few bites and he instructed me not to take in anything else because he was admitting me for emergency surgery.

After waking from anesthesia I was no longer pregnant and no longer had a right Fallopian tube. DESPAIR. According to Dr H. there was too much swelling for him to take a look at the remaining left tube. He wanted to go back in around March to do the procedure again and focus on the left side. Yeh Right!

The days following my laparoscopy were emotionally devastating. It felt like Satan had been waiting to pop the cork of my own special bottle of torment he’d had laid away for 36 years. But GOD and My Boo shielded me from that devastation. Praise The Lord for a man who prays for his wife! Looking back it saddens me that Boo had to be so strong…he suffered the same tragedy along side me…he lost our baby too.

Between January 14th and my second procedure on April 2nd (new OB/GYN) I grew so tired of hearing the phrases “it’s not your fault”, “you did nothing wrong”, “no one knows why these things happen”, “there’s nothing you could have done”, ” don’t blame yourself.” But, how could I not? Who else was there to blame? Father GOD and I had a long talk because HE didn’t make me to think the way the doctor’s, family, friends and strangers wanted me to. There had to be something I could do…something I could control in this situation. As clearly as you’re reading this I heard HIM say “There is something you can do. You can control what you allow in your body. You can make your body the safest place for you and your babies to live.” WON’T HE DO IT?!?! From that moment I began researching, studying and preparing my mind to match up with what my heart wanted. This along with a support system that is unmatched led to becoming vegan May 3rd, 2013.

This is my natural – emotionally. This story is the driving force that cements why I will not go back to my old way of thinking and treating this temple of GOD. Our baby’s life was not in vain…our baby came to save my life!!! As of today I have maintained 47 lbs of weight loss, been delivered of hypoglycemia and no longer taking any medications. Not to mention my hair, skin and nails look amazing (others words not mine, LoL #teamhumble) (^_^). I’m the happiest and healthiest me I’ve ever been! Thank you Father GOD, thank you My Love Christovia and thank you to our baby Angelese.


My Natural – Spiritually

My bible says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14

I believe in God…I believe in Jesus Christ…I believe in the Holy Spirit. I am a forgiven and redeemed sinner striving everyday to be the salt and light Father God placed me on this earth to be. Now that that’s understood (^_^) what in the world does any of it have to do with my natural?? Spiritually, EVERYTHING!!

I’ve heard people use the expression “only if Jesus Christ knocks on my door and tells me Himself.” That phrase always made me wonder what would I do if He did come down, knock on my door and I look up to see Him looking at me smiling thru the glass. Oh I’m gonna answer! The real question is will I invite Him into my house to have a seat after giving Him the grand tour because my house is clean, spotless and kept as worthy as I can for the King’s presence? OR would I open the door and invite Him to sit in the rockers on the front porch while we talk over glasses of lemon water cause it’s a hot mess in my house? Funny thing is He knows the condition of the inside already, but we think we’re so slick in trying to hide it from Him. Well our bodies are much the same as the structure we call our home. We are spiritual beings living in an earthly vessel. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 puts it plain and simple. Our body is a temple for our spirit and the Holy Spirit. We have been bought with the most beautiful, unimaginable, unselfish price and do not belong to ourselves. With this price came our method of repayment to glorify God in our bodies and in our spirit which are His. I don’t want to put things in my body or my spirit that will make it junky, filthy and cause clutter for where my spirit and the Holy Spirit dwell just like I wouldn’t want Jesus inside my home distracted by dust bunnies, an empty chip bag and a dirty kitchen. The Word tells us in Romans 12:1-2 that the least we could do is present our body as a living sacrifice and not be conformed to the world. It is my belief and choice that this goes for what we take into our hearts and minds as well as our bodies. We owe our lives and our bodies to prove to God He did NOT give His only Son for our sins in vain. “Whether you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” 1Corinthians 10:31. This is such a reasonable service.

I facilitate new hire training. The entire learning path no matter what job position the new team member is in is centered around a roadmap the company created to ensure a consistent, patterned customer interaction. I literally preach to them that if they will only follow this roadmap as it is and not try to short cut or recreate it they will be setting themselves up for imminent success in their role with the company. I do this with all the passion I can muster for every group because I know the process works. It pains me to hear or observe once certain team members leave training that they have either lost the roadmap or they are struggling because they set the roadmap aside and tried to create their own way that now has them off course. Well the Living Word is my roadmap. The Word is filled with instructions, promises and declarations for my natural. It’s no coincidence that spiritually is the first topic in this series because without this part of my natural there would be no firm discussion. 

God created me in His image,in His likeness. Despite all the bumps and bruises that this life comes with this is the foundation of my being natural. Genesis 1:27. And after He created me He stepped back on day 6 and said “very good”. The shade of my skin, the size of my forehead, the shape of my body, the pitch of my laugh and the texture of my hair are ALL after His likeness. So who am I to disagree with that?! I am very good!

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My natural goes beyond the texture of my hair

Whenever I’m asked the question “are you natural?” it brings a smile to my face as I answer “yes I am.” But the smile is not for the reason the person asking or most people would think. As they continue with the next obvious questions “how long have you been natural? what products do you use?” that’s when I get to express what the smile is all about…because my natural goes far beyond the texture of my hair. My natural is a reflection of who I am spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically inside and out. In that order ;-}.

Over the next several weeks I will break this formula down and give you a look into my natural.

This post has been inspired by the beautiful, talented and fabulous vegan Tierra Burrell who has been a grand motivator in my journey to a better whole self this year. God BLESS you and may you continue to have the burning desire to encourage people to LIVE life…the way it was intended. You can follow her on her blog 

Where have I been??

I was so excited to finally get this space to blog about my journey in this Earthly body. Once I purchased this domain I shot out two post in two days and my intention was to post at least every other week. But then Monday, January 14, 2013 my entire world as I became comfortable knowing it changed irrevocably forever. I found out on this day 2 life altering things: 1) I was pregnant for the first time after trying for 7 years and 2) I was threatening miscarriage. I will post the entire mind blowing, earth shattering experience in a very soon to come post. For now I’ll just say Thursday, January 17 on the brink of leaving this world I loss my sweet baby of only 6 weeks in development, my right Fallopian tube and a piece of my heart that will never be replaced.

This time would have probably been the opportune time to blog about all the changes I was experiencing physically, spiritually and emotionally. Instead I found myself uncontrollably losing every memory of any happiness. It was such a dark place where Satan definitely sought to engulf me in his on special brand of torment he had on a shelf just for me. But God…and the man He created and placed as the spiritual leader of my home and me! My Boo had to reach waaaaaay down with the strength of God in him as he grieved also to pick me up. I will forever be grateful to you My Love.


So that’s where I’ve been. A five month journey that took this earthly body for a spin. I am so excited to share with you all the wonderfulness (yes that’s right) that came along with this precious time and changed both me and the direction of this blog forever.


It seems as if our lives are so non-stop that at times we manage to convince ourselves that we don’t have time everyday to pray and seek God’s face. When the fact is it is at those exact moments we need to talk to our Father and ask that he sustain us through all our “busy” that’s going on.
We were created in the image of God and He sent a shining example for us to follow in our big Brother/joint heir to the throne, Jesus. In Matthew 14:22-23 and Mark 6:45-46 even He in all His splendor and perfect majesty knew when it was time to send away the masses, get away from the “busy” and get alone with His Father.
In all that you have to do today don’t deprive yourself of that precious time with your Heavenly Father. Recharge/Restore/Revive your spirit and soul…your body will fall in line with the benefits giving you all the energy you need to get through the necessary “busy” in your life.


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Why I finally created a blog…

I have been toying around with the idea of blogging for almost a year now and could truly not figure out why I hadn’t just done it! So instead of allowing that never ending question to continue helping things go nowhere fast, I decided to make it a gift…to myself.
On my 36th birthday, December 5, 2012 I received “365 days of a gift to me”… from me :).

~My body is the temple of God~

365 days full of soul and body, Me and God becoming more and more on one accord. This blog will document this journey…
Soul: My prayer time/study and quiet time seeking my Heavely Father
Body: What I eat and things I’m doing to take care of my hair and skin.

I hope to give inspiration, hope and the gift of the Father’s love for us to all that care to read as we should all be on a never ending quest to love this temple…our earthly bodies.

Here’s to a better Johanna: Daughter of God, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and Friend <3<3<3